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Age Verification for Gaming

Stringent requirements are imposed on operators and affiliates within the gaming industry, encompassing both Anti-Money Laundering (AML) considerations and measures to prevent gambling-related harms. The implementation of effective verification processes is crucial for safeguarding businesses against issues such as underage participation, prohibited activities, and problems associated with gambling. To address the evolving landscape, governments and regulatory bodies now mandate iGaming companies to adopt rigorous checks for identifying fraudulent customers. Authentication checks provide a secure and compliant solution, offering businesses a reliable means to verify the identity of individuals. Our approach involves cross-referencing customer data across various sources, including bank authentication and OnID’s proof of life verification, ensuring a high level of assurance in confirming an individual’s identity. With access to global datasets and the flexibility to tailor solutions to specific markets, our authentication services are well-suited for businesses acquiring customers across diverse geographical locations. Whether in social gaming, online gambling, or accessing adult content, OnID provides a comprehensive solution to comply with rapidly changing laws and ensure the protection of minors.

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National Identity Verification Solution

cutting-edge biometric identification solutions

OnID presents cutting-edge biometric identification solutions crucial for national-level ID projects, featuring a mission-critical multi-biometric matching platform. This platform facilitates identification through various biometric modalities, including face, fingerprints, palm, voice, and iris recognition.

OnID specializes in delivering advanced verification technologies and products tailored for both private and government sectors, with successful deployments in national-level projects globally. The Identification offering from OnID comprises a range of mission-critical multi-biometric identification platforms specifically designed for national ID projects. With OnID, individuals can be identified through a comprehensive set of biometric markers, including face, fingerprint, palm, voice, and iris recognition, ensuring a robust and secure identity verification process.

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Verification and Authentication

Solutions for Banks, Telcos and more

OnID offers advanced technologies designed for both online and offline biometric verification and authentication across mobile platforms and centralized systems. Our comprehensive approach covers identity confirmation through face, fingerprints, voice, palm, iris, and document recognition, aiming to thwart various fraudulent activities such as bank fraud, SIM jacking, crypto-related fraud, medical fraud, tax fraud, and more.

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