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At OnID, we revolutionize the onboarding and identification process with our cutting-edge solutions. With a focus on advanced security and user-friendly features, we’ve managed to develop a passive solution that ensures privacy protection and real-time identification. Our comprehensive platform follows the most advanced principles, providing a seamless and reliable experience for both businesses and individuals.

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Unparalleled Security and Usability

we prioritize security

At OnID, we prioritize security without compromising usability. Our passive identification process eliminates the need for any user action, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. With our solution performed on the person’s own device, privacy is protected, ensuring that individuals feel at ease during the identification process.

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Certified and Resilient

providing robust protection

We understand the importance of maintaining the highest level of security against attacks. That’s why our onboarding and identification products are certified in ISO30107 for level 1 and 2 attacks. This certification reflects our dedication to providing robust protection against potential threats, giving you peace of mind when using OnID.

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A Fused Process for Accurate Identification

OnID leverages a fused process of multiple signals obtained from the camera and phone to ensure accurate identification. We analyze various factors such as texture information, reflections, 3D ness vs. 2D ness, color variation, and temporal analysis. By combining these signals, we achieve a comprehensive and reliable identification process, significantly reducing the chances of false identification.

Specialized Solutions for Enhanced Security

We are proud to offer a range of specialized solutions to address various security concerns. Synthetic identity theft, a growing problem in today’s digital landscape, is actively tackled by our advanced identification system. Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) verification ensures that only authorized individuals can access sensitive information, while biometric verification provides an extra layer of security by analyzing unique physical traits

Seamless User Verification

With OnID, user verification is made effortless. Our selfie verification and face verification processes accurately match individuals against their provided identification documents, ensuring that the right person is being authenticated. Additionally, our video verification feature allows businesses to conduct real-time verification, further enhancing the reliability of the identification process.

Embrace the Future with OnID

onboard customers seamlessly

As businesses continue to evolve digitally, it is crucial to have secure and reliable onboarding and identification processes. OnID offers a complete solution that combines advanced security and user-friendly features, empowering businesses to onboard customers seamlessly while protecting sensitive data.

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Gain Customer Trust and Enhance Compliance

OnID ensures compliance with industry standards

By implementing OnID’s advanced identification solutions, businesses can establish trust and confidence with their customers. Secure onboarding and authentication processes not only minimize the risk of identity theft and fraud but also demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding personal information. With our certified and resilient system, OnID ensures compliance with industry standards, instilling trust and enhancing the overall reputation of your brand.

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